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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Renew Within

Renew Within

Love Letter

I have made the angels cry
with my weeping over you.
My dear one torn from me,
ripping through my heart.

Crushed by the hole now gaping.
Uncertain of our fates.
Broken beyond repair.
Lost beyond belief.

I call for You, oh Lord,
but am I worthy of Your love?
Oh how I’ve let You down,
and still, You come to me.

With heavy tears, I fall,
as You make Your presence known.
A peace washing over me
Your endless mercy shown.

My Spirit bursting free
How can anyone not believe?
When You are so clearly there,
as You have shown yourself to me.

Lifted by Your touch.
Renewed and unafraid.
Hope shines within through truth.
There is nothing else I need.

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