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Wednesday, June 20, 2012



God’s Angel

I came across an angel
just lying on the ground.
God’s most delicate creature,
ignored by passers by.

Sleeping soundly on her side,
but troubled none the less.
Beaten down from harshest life,
now peaceful in her rest.

A homeless human soul,
who once was someone’s child.
Cherished now by none
but God, who sent me there.

A silent sleep that speaks to me,
more than any empty words.
Despair that goes unspoken,
moving me so deeply.

Humbled by her presence,
I tremble in her space.
Saddened by compassion,
I cry and then, I pray.

Lord, she has lost her way,
put a stirring in her heart.
Lift her with your love,
and bring the world to her.

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