Art & Poetry copyright © 2011 Atlanta Marie Carrera

Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Heavy Rain

A heavy rain surrounds us,
our hearts sink low from pain,
a fire that once burned hotly,
now overwhelmed by rain.

Muddied by the water,
the ground beneath us fails,
unsure of its direction,
our steps leave holes of rain.

I bow my head in anguish,
as rain pours down my face,
I lift my eyes toward Heaven,
and search the sky in vain.

No answers come from rain clouds,
No shelter comes from blame,
Whatever once we wished for,
now drowned by all that rain.

Even through the sorrow,
the past is washed away,
the rain beats down upon us,
and time will start again.

The Songbird's Cries

I hear the songbird's cries,
sending out his call of love,
hoping it lands on open ears,
longing to be with her.

I feel the pain in his voice,
separated by open space,
wanting to touch,
and hold, and comfort.

Singing from his new found perch,
he is hidden from the world,
but he reaches his love,
through his bold song.

Others do not see him,
they are blinded by earth's pull,
but she who looks to Heaven,
is surrounded by him always.

Sunday, November 8, 2020


I reach out to you
and suddenly
my eyes are opened
to an invisible energy.

It flows from me to you,
then back again,
right through me,
before it washes over like a wave.

Down the street it rides,
rippling away
and disappears,
as quickly as it came.

I blow you a kiss
because my spirit is dancing,
pulled by a force,
a moment of Peace.

The Void

I have entered the void.
I can’t see what’s in front of me.
I can’t see what’s behind me.
There is only darkness.

There is a heaviness,
weighing me down,
holding me back,
trapping me here.

Time is lost.
How long have I been here?
How much longer will I be here?
Time has no meaning.

I am under water,
floating in stillness,
drowning in space,
empty inside.

but then, I hear singing. 
Sound can reach the darkest corner,
it beams like a light,
pulling me out of the void.

Prayers for you in Heaven

I can’t stop the rainfall.
I can’t see the sun.
Crying in the darkness.
Away from everyone.

Footsteps in the hallway,
Echo in my mind.
Fading into memory,
Leaving me behind.

Kisses by my bedside,
Your hand holding mine,
Dreams of laughs together,
Souls so intertwined. 

How I miss your comfort,
How I miss your hugs.
Going on without you
is the hardest thing I’ve done. 

Prayers for you in Heaven,
Prayers received on Earth,
Join us both together,
Giving life new birth. 

Singing in the shower
Sadness, joy and love,
Pouring out emotion,
Prayers of heartfelt faith. 

I feel the Angels praying,
I hear God’s words for us,
Prayers for you in Heaven,
and prayers for me on Earth.


I Feel Your Colors

I feel your colors
raining down,
raining down on me. 

You are the whisper
in my dreams,
in my dreams of you.

We come together
in our thoughts
In our thoughts of love.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Empty Spaces

You fill the empty spaces,
with overflowing spirit
intangible feelings,
on an invisible plane,
life energy abounding,
in an endless echo.