Art & Poetry copyright © 2011 Atlanta Marie Carrera

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Empty Spaces

You fill the empty spaces,
with overflowing spirit
intangible feelings,
on an invisible plane,
life energy abounding,
in an endless echo.

Let it Come

Thousands of pieces of glass
exploding in random directions
all at once.
Raining back down to Earth
with a deafening roar. 
Littering the ground
like a minefield.
Feeling like I swallowed the shards. 
Waves of shock and disbelief.
Body and mind separated. 
Afraid to move in any direction.
Lifelines dangling above my head.
Grasping at one and then another.
Trying to pull myself up.
Slipping, stumbling, flailing, falling

Just stop and pray.
Let it come.
God is with me.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Holy light

Holy light
Shared with all
Heavenly gift
Upon the Earth
Prince of peace
Healer of souls
Teacher of life
Undying love.

One More Day

Can’t you see my heart is breaking?
Can’t you see behind my smile?
Don’t you know how much I love you?
But every day you slip away.
You slip away.

 I try to grasp, but I can’t reach you,
And all the words that I can’t say,
And even though I walk beside you,
I’m all alone.
I’m all alone.

I give my life to be there for you,
As strength and weakness become one.
I bear my soul, but none can see me.
I pray to God to stop the pain,
To stop the pain.
Oh help me Lord to keep on going,
And bring me smiles for one more day,
For one more day.

A Victim's Soul

Empty are the words now spoken,
All the light gone from your eyes,
Memories fade into the shadows,
Replaced with fear from unknown lies.
Holding hands to form a lifeline,
Gentle hugs to calm the soul,
Silent prayers from desperate longing,
Time is trapped and cannot move.

Compassion fills the hearts around us,
Sharing stories, spreading prayers,
Humbled by this hidden blessing,
Honored as a Victim’s Soul.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

You Give Me Strength

You Give Me Strength

I thank You, Lord.
I sing Your praise.
When I am weak,
You give me strength.

You give me strength.
You give me strength.

And when I pray
in still of night
I hear Your voice
It gives me strength.

You give me strength.
You give me strength.

I walk alone,
But You are there.
When I am scared,
You give me strength.

You give me strength.
You give me strength.

When illness comes,
And I cannot stand
You lift me up
With Your great strength.

You give me strength.
You give me strength.

I share Your love
with those in need.
It gives them hope.
I feel Your strength.

You give me strength.
You give me strength.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013



The rising sun is beautiful
     because it makes you smile
          which is beautiful.

The rainbow’s rays are beautiful
     because your eyes light up
          which is beautiful.
When a bird soars high, it’s beautiful
     because your spirit gasps
          which is beautiful.
When a flower blooms, it’s beautiful
     because you breathe its scent
          which is beautiful.

A newborn child is beautiful
     because your heart is filled
          which is beautiful.
How you see the world is beautiful
     because the soul within
          is beautiful.

(For Corinne, who makes the world more beautiful)